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Latest version: 5.01
November 1, 2013

Links to other useful Score related sites

SCORE Links page at Acadiau University - plenty of useful information, including details of addon programs and utilities which increase SCORE’s productivity even further

You may also like to join the Score forum - a simple email forum where other SCORE users discuss a range of related information. Send an email to with the one word SUBSCRIBE in the main text body. You will then receive emails that others have sent, and you’ll be able to send your own comments and replies

Links to other useful sites

Ghostscript/Ghostview - free software to view and print EPS files
GPL Ghostscript 9.10 (32-bit Windows)
GPL Ghostview 5.0 (32-bit Windows)

Adobe Type Manager Light - may be required when installing individual extended text fonts.

If you have further questions regarding WINSCORE
please email