San Andreas Press

Latest version: 5.01
November 1, 2013

General Features

  Up to 200 staves on a page
  Unlimited voices on a stave
  Unlimited lyrics verses on a stave
  Up to 98 different typefaces on a page
  Included library of over 500 music symbols with space for up to 9999 symbols in each project
  All symbols can be edited and adjusted using the drawing program included; symbols can be drawn from scratch
  Every item on a page, including staves, can have a different size factor
  WYSIWYG graphical music display
  Very small program footprint; loads instantaneously on today’s computers
  Supreme music spacing algorithm which mirrors the best spacing in traditional hand engraving
  Vertical justification prevents overlapping items between staves
  Complete flexibility to notate the complex or unconventional
  Support for RGB colour and grayscale notation
  Single page and batch printing to Postscript printers or to EPS files
  Automatic conversion from standard notation to guitar tablature
  All forms of guitar and mandolin tablature supported; special and user-defined tunings supported

Input and Playback Features

  Step-time input using Midi keyboard, computer keyboard, mouse, or a combination of all three
  Unique 5-stage input method which allows accurate entry of notes, rhythms, marks, beams and ties/slurs
  Playback single pages of up to 16 staves
  Save individual pages as Midi files

SCORE is the industry standard for any type of music printing - from simple string quartets and songs to large scale symphonic forms and avant garde scores. For over 20 years running on the DOS platform it has been the choice of most engravers and copyists throughout the world because of the quality of output, and the ease and speed with which changes can be made to a score. This new and long awaited Windows version will fulfil many of the requests made by users to bring SCORE up to date in a modern working environment. It is a page-based system and works just like a book, so you can be sure that if you put a note on a particular page it will still be on the same page and at exactly the same position the next time you view it. It is you the user who is in control, not the computer!

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Editing Features

  Parameter based item editing system giving unparalleled editing power and flexibility
  Very fine control of notational position and details
  Macro editing system allows frequent tasks to be mechanized over multiple pages
  Conditional editing functions for enhanced macro editing
  Copy and paste within and between pages
  Full transposition features for partial and multiple staves, by step or by instrument
  Automatic and manual measure numbering
  Move or copy and resize selected staves or partial selections

Page Layout Features

  Specify an exact number of pages, or an exact number of lines per page, or both, and specify a different number of lines on each page
  Automatic detection of page turns

Part Extraction Features

  Extract single stave parts or groups of any number of staves from a score
  Automatic extraction of cues
  Flexible options for page layout and bar numbering
  Auto separation of multiple parts on a stave

Import/Export Features

  Import EPS graphics into Winscore pages
  Import Sibelius files with the optional SipSib program
  Use the optional SipXML program to import Finale and other MusicXML files
  Export Midi files with the optional Midiscor program

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